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The open beta has begun.. Browser

The expedition ship has found new land at last. It is your mission to settle in this new land and give your people a life which they desperately deserve. Can you govern your new empire with the strength that only a leader can give? Watch as you grow and attract new people to your settlement - all of who require new and better things. Leadership, trade and a quest for knowledge are some of the qualities you will need in these new lands. Good Luck. We look forward to seeing you in game. Click Here to play. Watch the launch trailer below.


It's free and fun, what more could you want? Browser

Tom Boulton (Anno Online Game Designer) explains that Anno Online is a simple city-building title. A player’s aim is just to build the most grandiose city they can, stringing together all the resource chains and Venn diagrams of desires and supplies to ensure that all their citizens get just what they need. With 120 building types and more than 800 buildings in each city, there’s a lot of maths to be done.... Read More

Be a genius underwater PC

In the depth of the ocean, hidden in overgrown stones for years, the Techs unleash their ultimate power: The geothermal energy generation. The most powerful tool of the future forces the world of 2070 to expand their explorations into the deep blue sea. Becoming the focus of gameplay, underwater plateaus setting offers new industries and large production chains and formerly unknown resources. ... Read More

new stuff for our game - we love it! PC

The Anno 2070 DLC packs offer more gameplay, more quests and more erm erm more :) Join us as we have a look at the packs available, how much they cost and exactly what they offer to the game... Read More

you love it so tell others about it website

Whatever your thoughts on the Anno games, we would love to hear about them. Do you love the underwater challenges of 2070? hate the sultan in 1404? or cant get enough of 1503? Good or bad we would love to know what you think. Head on over to the review section to find out more... Read More

extreme makeover: anno fans edition here

We have been bad and the Sultan imprisoned us on one of his island "retreats". What better way to pass the time than to design a brand new Anno Fans. the new site is a full portal to all things Anno and gives you more opportunities to join in (look at Anno Extra for more). we have a brand new TV section, lots of lovely Anno pictures and while you are here, pop by the shop and buy some great Anno games.... Read More