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Sun Dec 26 2010, 11:25AM
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Population Classes


Each population class has a 3x3 house type. All houses start out as peasant houses and the inhabitants upgrade their houses as they advance levels.


There are 7 types of needs to be met by the player. Each house must have a road connection to a building for needs which are satisfied by buildings. The types of needs are:

Food: satisfied by supplying food to warehouses, such as fish and dates
Drink: satisfied by supplying different drinks to warehouses, such as cider and milk
Clothing: satisfied by supplying different clothing types to warehouses, such as linen garments and leather jerkins
Community: satisfied by road connection to a marketplace (for Occidental houses) or bazaar (Oriental houses) in its area of influence
Faith: satisfied by road connection to chapels, churches, cathedrals, mosques, or grand mosque in their area of influence
Entertainment:satisfied by road connection to a tavern in its area of influence
Possessions: satisfied by supplying possessions to warehouses, such as books and carpets

Needs wheel

Each houses' need is divided into a needs wheel. The wheel section is between 0% and 100%. The wheel gradually fills when an item is in stock in the warehouse. The wheel is drained when the item is not in stock. The total need of the wheel is the sum of the percentages of the segments weighted by the segment size. An item can be denied to a class by left-clicking the item on the needs wheel so that a red X appears on top of the item image. The class of house will no longer have access to that item, even if it is in the warehouse, and the needs segment will drain.

Occidental Classes

Peasants are the first class of the four Occidental classes. A peasant house can hold up to 8 people.

Peasants need Food, Drinks, Community and Faith.

Food is satisfied by Fish. Drinks (required at 60+ Peasants) is satisfied by Cider. The peasants' Faith needs are satisfied by building a chapel, a church, or a cathedral in the neighborhood. Churches and cathederals are only available later in the game.

Peasants will start fires and burn down their neighbourhood if their needs are not met.

Citizens are the second class, with a population cap of 15 people for each Citizen house.

Citizens need Food, Drinks, Clothing, Community, Faith, Entertainment.

Food is satisfied by Spices. The citizens' Entertainment needs are satisfied by building a tavern in the neighborhood. These are in addition to the needs of peasants, which carry over.

Patricians are the third class, with a population cap of 25 people for each Patrician house.

Noblemen are the fourth class, with a population cap of 40 Noblemen for each Noble house.

Beggars approach harbours occasionally asking to stay in your cities. You have the option of either accepting or rejecting them.

Accepting beggars into a city opens up the option to construction an Alms House which uses up tax revenue and resources to feed the beggars and keep them at rest. Accepting beggars has the advantage of granting more citizenship rights.

Rejecting beggars can result in them coming back as bandits and attacking your city. If you have the add-on Anno 1404 venice, patricians and noblemen will pay you if you reject the beggars.

Oriental Classes
Nomads are the basic level of oriental peoples. They only items they require are dates. To upgrade to Envoys they need :

Dates, for food
Milk, for drink
Mosque, for religion
Carpets, for possession
The supplies needed to upgrade are:

1 ton of wood
1 ton of tools
4 tons of mosaic


The population will only advance if their satisfaction is euphoric (dark green).

The population will only move in if they are being taxed at light or dark green levels.

At the yellow level no one will move in or out.

At the orange and red levels the population will move out. If the city is missing required items (for example fish) the population will be unhappy and automatically be in orange and red levels, causing them to move out.

All six needs for a class must be at least 95% for # seconds before the houses become eligible to advance.

Ascension rights
Ascension rights are granted to a certain number of each class to allow a house to advance to the next level. The number of Ascension Rights to advance depends on the number of houses at the current level for each class. To get more ascension rights, it is necessary to increase the number of houses at a level.

Ascension rights can be denied or released by clicking the marketplace and clicking the scroll at the top of the menu that pops up.

If Ascension rights are released, houses will automatically upgrade when all of their needs are fulfilled, their taxes are low, and you have the materials needed.

If Ascension rights are not released, houses can be manually upgraded. Click the upgradable house and SHIFT+click the upgrade button. Several will be upgraded. Sometimes only a few, the upgrade symbol goes away, but comes back. After 2 times of shift clicking you can let the houses upgrade manually.[1]

When all of the population's needs are satisfied, the numbers of ascension rights granted are as follows[2].

Citizenships: 80% of the number of houses + number of beggars / 40 (improved by Beggar prince).
Trade priviliges (patricians): 60% of number of houses with citizenship + number of envoys / 110 (improved by The Envoys' favour).
Noble titles: 40% of the number of houses with trade privileges.
Number of beggars: 10% of number of citizens + 20% of number of patricians + 30% of number of nobles. Observed numbers can be off by a maximum of 50 due to minimum size of beggar ships, and it can take a while for all the beggars to arrive.
Envoy licenses: 70% of the number of houses.
Note that ascension rights are not 'lost' when used to upgrade a house: if you have 40 patrician and 10 noble houses, that counts as having 50 trade privileges and will grant 50 * 40% = 20 noble titles (of which 10 are already in use).

In addition, there are items that grant additional ascension rights. These affect the base percentages only, not the bonus ascension rights from beggars/envoys. These can only be obtained once the Cathedral (for occidental rights) or the Mosque (for oriental rights) is build. They can be bought at respectively Lord Richard and the Grand Vizier.

In order for a house to advance to the next level, there must be enough materials in the warehouse.

Peasant to Citizen 1 Tools; 1 Wood
Citizen to Patrician 1 Tools; 1 Wood; 4 Stones
Patrician to Nobleman 1 Tools; 1 Wood; 3 Stones, 3 Glass
Nomad to Envoy 1 Tools; 1 Wood; 4 Mosaic

All houses of a class must be full before any house of that class will advance. Houses that are not full will fill if the tax rate is dark green or light green.

Occupation per level

Peasants 8
Citizens 15
Patricians 25
Noblemen 40
Nomads 15
Envoys 25

Why won't the city advance to the next level?

Assension pyramid

The Common reasons the population does not advance is that the population does not have all items needed, the population is being taxed too high, or there is not the correct proportion of each class.

Unlike Anno 1701, you can't get far at all if your civilization is only peasants. Citizens need peasants to live, Patricians need citizens and peasants to live, and so on. To determine how many houses can still ascend, click on the city's market place and look at the pyramid. For example, if it shows there are 31/31 noble houses, it means you've reached the maximum number of noble houses.

A population can increase its ascension by Attainments affecting Beggars or Envoys. With these, it is ultimately possible to have no peasants or citizens, if you have enough beggars and envoys relative to your Occidental population.

Art made by cris333

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