Unable to complete quest - transfer required goods

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I'm having what appears to be an infuriating bug completing quests where you are required to transport specific goods to an NPC location, ARK or otherwise.

For example -
I have just failed a quest titled "Headhunter II" in the single player Jorgenson Plateau scenario. Having located the required people in my city and successfully transferred them to Yana's ARK for the first part of the quest (where it automatically recognised my ship and the people on board to complete the quest) she then extends the quest by asking for 5t processors, 5t food, and 10t tea.
I have tried trading the items to her as this seems to be the only available option, however she is still demanding that I complete the quest.

There seems to be no logical explanation for why the game is not recognising that I have the correct items to complete the quest on board my ship and at the right location (using the same ship I transferred the people on in the first part of the quest). I have tried using different ships I have crafted in my own shipyard as another thread suggested - which was about as useful as a wet paper towel, and unless I am being utterly blind there is no option/button/complete quest icon anywhere.
Right clicking on the quest icon in the left hand menu only asks if I wish to delete the quest. Clicking on the held hands icon for Yana only takes me to the trade/politics page.

This has happened with other quests as well, and yet some of them automatically complete, like saving the fishermen etc

Please can somebody help, or explain what it is I am doing wrong??
Thanks in advance from a very frustrated player!
PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 9:35 pm
You sure that you have the correct items and their respective quantities? Maybe you took microchips instead of processors. Also check that the quest is asking you to deliver to her Ark and not some ship at sea. You should receive a prompt like always asking if you want to complete the quest at the to right corner of the screen. Don't trade your goods away; that never completes quests.

I made many silly mistakes while trying to figure out this game, and I kept thinking it was the game's fault.

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Joined: Mon Jan 02, 2012 6:42 pm
PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 10:56 pm
Double checked the quantities and the actual types of stuff she needs, and the little grey flashy location thing is at her ARK. I failed the quest anyhow, but for future attempts would be helpful to know jut what I was doing wrong lol

Thanks for the response I will keep trying!

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