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This is an explorer for the .rda files from the Anno 1404 game located on the (Game FOLDER/maindata).Can open .rda and .rdu files.
The latest version of this application is and is an exe file (RDAExplorerGUI-exe) which doesnt require instalation.It has 2 .dll files ( RDAExplorer.dll and ZLib.dll) attached to work.
Unpack it on a new created folder and also copy and paste your .rda original file from game into the RDA folder for edit.

Source : http://rdaex.tilegame.bplaced.net/
Make a copy of that original file and edit that copy for further exploration.Don't edit original files , you might alter them by mistake and your game will not work anymore,also if you select Save option the app may overwrite the file, so use always a copy to edit it.


Windows XP, Vista or Seven
Anno 1404
.NET Framework 3.5 + SP1
.NET Framework 4.0
RDA Explorer for the Anno 1404 game
Important ! Make a copy of the .rda file and edit that copy to explore it or extract a subfile for further exploration.
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This is illegal because it makes you able to get the music from the game without paying for it :p
But anyway, it's cool to see how the game functions with all those files.
It's the way UPlay it!
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Yes very true.You know my last started guide about flotsam ? well there is a subroutine in game ( a Module) called Lifetime , which makes the flotsams dissapear after a while.My flotsam doesnt dissapear and i wanted details about this thing.So i edited the files and i searched untill i found the module on patch0.rda archive as a .csl file format and i edited that csl with notepad.Now i know on what conditions flotsams doesnt dissapear ..its because are also flaged as quests objects on some conditions ! The Lifetime Module for flotsam is set to 300000 (i dont know, didnt tested to see if it is seconds,miliseconds or minutes).In module this is flaged as (time) variable.
This application is like a PAK explorer for games which uses PAK archives.
Well anyway it helped me alot so far with the module and to see the variations files (meshes) as .cfg for flotsams i mean how many are , including in Addon Venice.If you and Admin think this shouldn't be posted here then it's ok you can delete the thread.I don't wanna cause trouble and get banned too :cry:

Edit : the video files (accessed with RAD Explorer) on game are BNK or something like that.There is a Bink Video Editor too , used by Anno team i guess too :D
should i proceed to post that too :?: :D (free software by BINK video )
*with some work, fro the videos can be created a screensaver :D
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When a player drops, Anno immediately autosaves for the remaining players. This would lead you to think you can simply exit to the main menu, create a new MP session, have all players re-join, and then let Anno 1404 automatically download that save to the other players' computers who don't have the save due to dropping out.

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