Centipede v1.0 (Anno 1404 Venice map)

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Mode : Single player ( Human + 3 Computer )
World :
Huge main islands on a big world (1792x1792) with few(in fact alot) basic tweaks for a nice gameplay.
Undiscovered world.

ImageImageImageAI Players :
-Marie D'Artois
-Giovanni di Mercante
-Baronessa Contanza
AI can buy corsair ships :Enabled
AI Players have access to all attainments too.
Image"Dishonest Methods" will boost Corsair ships too bought by any player.
AI Players have all almost same settings as Hard players.
AI Players will not prefer a specific player and all can declare wars to each other.
Destroyed ships of AI players have better chances to drop great items (even prestige items) to help you in war by socket them to ships , warehouse or sell for Honour points or increase prestige with the Orient.
NEW* The droped items from destroying ships are NOT related to the player's level !
AI Players will reward you with honour too on some conditions not only with reputation, except the war status which will NOT bring you honour from the involved AI

AI Players will start to settle only the biggest islands for civilization.
Don't think if you see Marie D'Artois it will be more easy or for Baronessa Contanza will be insanely hard..all AI have been balanced to let you to play enough to get stronger.
ImageCorsairs :
Corsair: Hard Core.
New Corsair ship added : Corsair The Deadly Buccaneer.Image
Decreased the respawn time of corsair ships, reduced the patrol size,increased the amount of available ships,Corsairs ships will not prefer Warehouses anymore, they will hunt port towers mainly.
Destroyed Corsair ships have better chances to drop great items (even prestige items) to help you in war by socket them to ships , warehouse or sell for Honour points or to increase the prestige with the Orient.
NEW* Items drops chances are NOT related to the player's level anymore !
By rare chance ,Corsairs might sell the Silver Ship !

ImageImageImageImageStart status/ships :

All the players will start with 1 Gold ship, 1 small tradesman's cog and 1 small warship with lots of building materials.
AI starts in Peace mode and Corsairs in Trade with all.Main Ships will start with a purple item equipped too.

ImageImageMoney and Honour in Centipede :
Money in Centipede are not to much , specialy if you lose on Izmir's experiments at low level.You have to work and think fast to find strategies/ways to get more money to pay required tributes otherwise youll be draged into wars at low level if you are slow on leveling.The Custom Goods items can save you from bankruptcy or if you need more money.
Honour in Centipede has been greatly improved so many times you'll have at least 100 points to spend and in next 10 minutes you can get that amount back or even double it.You can exchange honour for gold in Diplomatic menu if you need.
Overall rating in stars (1 = very less , 3 great) (up to patrician level)
Money Image
Honour Image
ImageNeutral Buildings :

Izmir (Alchemist Tower- second oriental big island from the top to bottom of the map) have 25 new experiments with different requirements.Each experiment will cost 1000 coins and will be rewarded with 3 honour points too.The goods rewards from experiments has been improved with a better chance to win even Supply Packages at Peasant level by chance.
Experiment goods rewards are NOT related anymore to the player's level!
Experiments have a chance to fail or to receive a normal amount (~45 tons) or to receive a great amount (at least 70 tons)

If you like roulette or slot machine games to try your luck , Izmir can make you rich or poor :D

ImageDisasters :
Each house will smoke with a lower damage over time until starts the fire.
Volcano is almost in the center of this map, with a lot of empty area around.
Volcano is enabled and can make higher damage on the ships sailing on that area.The eruption will last less but it can be more destructive.
Sandstorm has a slighly reduced area with lower damage too.
Tornado has a smaler radii effect but with higher damage.

ImageTown Aquisition :
Enabled but the prices are slighly increased, also to have a majority in that town , the required shares is set to 4 (even if the menu says 3) and over-share buying is increased from 100k to 150k.Cooldown time for AI to buy shares has been slighly reduced and capital slighly increased per minute for the computer players.

ImageContruction/Buildings/Production/Army :
No contruction costs changes.Some military buidings has been improved with slighly higher HP and higher damage.Some production buildings has been improved for faster production or for for less raw materials needs, according to this map/semi-scenario.The main keep (castle), (Oriental and Occidental) has been improved with more HP and better damage, also with very low rate to recover hp on idle mode.( might need more than 5 armies to take over it).
Long range armies and the castle have higher area damage radius.All armies have improved the damage also with random chances for higher hits.
Port tower military buildings has been improved with more HP and more damage for a greater defense against Corsairs attacks !
You will exceed in Coal production as it is the main raw material needed for Tools,Weapons,Salt at lower lvls (Citizen) but at patrician lvl if you are in war you can build more weapon Smithy to get more weapons, required for Ships or Armies.
NEW* The damage dealt by armies and castle will have random chances for "CRITICAL" (higher) hits :D .Destroying an army will be more by "luck" and might be less boring and take less time,still the HP has slightly increased,to give you enough time to move/deploy your armies.
ImageTips to start/play :
-When you start at Lord Richard's island , sail your main ship to the left-slightly down to set the closest island to the starter point and Lord Richard island.In case of war it will be very close to him to sell fast goods for money needs or item drops.
-sail a small ship from Lord Richard's island to the bottom of the map on same direction to find Garibaldi and buy the chart to uncover the map (you might need to roll once or twice at peasant items).
-To set Orient island just sail on the left side of the (your)main (2nd from up to bottom) to get the Izmir's island wich have improved experiments for you.
After you purchased the Marine Chart from Garibaldi to reveal the map you can buy some treasure maps from Hassan and a corsair ship too.
Build as soon as you can at least 1 port tower to defend you against corsairs.Military Port Towers has been greatly improved with HP,Atack,Radius for Corsairs and not only.Corsairs will hunt towers with grouped ships.Don't forget, an AI Player will have same buildings and armies as you , same HP same range same attack..
Start to set to sell the exceeded goods at Warehouse for the trading routes from Neutral Islands.Buy as soon as you can with honour more trade routes to make more money from selling goods.First 2 trade routes attainmemts has been improved with more money to invest for buying goods from you !
On the upper right corner of the map there is an island with a lot iron if you need.

ImageImageImageHonour/War/Reputation reward system :

Honour rewards has been highly improved so the player will get better honour at lower level.Reputation has been very well balanced to all 3 AI Players so you'll not be dragged into war very early..unless you want it.
AI players will enter in friend status if they are in trade mode ..and if you are challenged/start a (to) war you might anger the other 2 AI as well..so be careful if you start a war with an AI , later you might have to fight with all 3 AI.(Artificial Intelligence improved !)
Reputation will increase/decrease with random chances with an average percent 47%.If an AI will not like you because you finished a quest for Corsairs , might like you because you are trading with Garibaldi..2 AI players will have highly chances to like you and only one to dislike you 'till you start your 1st war.
Wars can bring great loss or great advantages... if you are not in war but 2 AI or corsairs are in war , look around for item drops :D ..you can get the highest item available by chance for your ship..

ImageQuests :
No new quests or items added but the timers for quests has been greatly reduced so you'll receive lots of quests.New areas and shipspawns locations has been added to the map.The rewards for quests from Lord Richard has been improved with a better chance to receive items for ships or more money(up to patrician level).If you need more money check the diplomatic screen and request a quest from any Neutral Island.
12 shipspwans locations added and 32 Areas created for default or new quests.
ImageRAM Loading :

Minor changes have been maded so the overloading of RAM will be very slighly reduced.Number of childs spawned in towns have been reduced.
Trading history on Warehouses has been reduced to only 4 from 10.
Protests will have few units(people) reduced too.
All these will try to compensate the amount of loading memory during a war needed by game to roll for more items drops from ships or armies localizations..

Demolition return : half
ImageSpy : Enabled
Cash: 50000
Why "Centipede" name ? The main islands and not only, has been added to map after a centipede form, also if you are slow on leveling , AI Players and Corsairs will try to draw you in many directions (tributes,war..)..like the legs of a centipede.
Requirements : Anno 1404 game with the latest patch from Venice addon.
"No Install just Play"
~This map/survival scenario it doesn't alter game files .
~It's not created with mod manager .(No need to search through german sites for new Mod Manager addons,IF there will be soon.)
~Doesn't require to have additional content from mod manager or any other editing tool installed.
~No need to alter original .ini game files !
~Doesn't alter your online profile or achievements saved progress only you won't get new ones because this is a custom content.Only achievement/medal which might still be active is related to the play time = 100/500 hours !
~Just place the map on the proper game scenarios folder (My Documents/Anno 1404 Venice/Scenarios) are you good to start.
Can be played on this form as survival scenario or use this map for custom scenarios creations(quests) with ToolOne
Any comments are welcome,good or bad ,will consider for the next maps/scenarios creations too, thank you :D .Enjoy 8-)

Alternate download links posted by me at
http://www.annopool.de/comment.php?dlid ... 7ad9fad4c7
http://www.strategyinformer.com/pc/anno ... 39349.html
http://g2w.ubi.com/anno1404/_v1.2/parse ... /id=27281/

Unpack to get the .rdu file.
Filesize : 1,65 Mb

Unrar to My Documents/Anno 1404 Venice/Scenarios (assuming you are using Windows XP SP3)
(99.57 KiB) Downloaded 690 times
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Looks pretty good - many thanks Cris :)
Downloading now - I'll give a full review on it :)
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Thank you :) Enjoy this map (semi-scenario) :) .I prefer to make some tweaks for a new gameplay to the maps so Anno fans will not be bored with the basic action/gameplay.. :lol: . I tested this map almost 40 hours and added or tweaked alot things :)
It's not 100% scenario because it doesnt have a story-quests or win condition.Still can be played as a survival scenario..im sure its not very easy.. :lol:
Good luck, have fun :D
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Looks great, I'll check it out soon ;)
It's the way UPlay it!
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